Private course for adults

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This course is aimed at students who prefer a private meeting and are 20 years or older. During these sessions, we work on the techniques of all of the above courses (drawing, painting and advanced). These private lessons support specifically the creative path of the artist and are adjusted to their individual needs. 

In these sessions we can work on:


We will learn the techniques to start with the process of transferring shape to paper. Furthermore, we will work on drawing the lines of the shapes, light and shadow, mass and space. We will learn about perspective and also focus on composition by using the basic elements of drawing: pencil and charcoal. With this knowledge, we are going to work on subjects such as still life, anatomy of the human body, animals and nature.


We will start to develop the process of transferring the tone and line of the shape to canvas. During this process, we focus on central themes of painting in oil: harmony, reflection, the colour circle and complementary colours as well as composition, and the eye movement. Basic elements needed to prepare for oil painting work: oil colours, brushes, painting medium, frames and canvas…etc.

Ideas & Projects

We will work together to develop artistic works by transforming the ideas to forms.
The students can dedicate themselves to their own projects, applying the methods which they already use or are interested in using. Together, we will focus on developing the concept of the artistic work and its relationship to the artist him- or herself. 

This course may be especially useful for students who wish to prepare for the entry exams and studying at Arts schools as well as for those who wish to continue developing their technical skills and to present and discuss already existing art works, and improve on the artistic path.

Info and costs

The dates of these private courses are planned in accordance with the individual student. Every meeting is 3 hours. 
Cost: 40€ per meeting.